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Your struggle with addiction ends here!

You don't need to live with drug or alcohol addictions any more. There is hope and healing available for you right now. You can take the first step toward the life you deserve.

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One Phone Call

Struggling with addictions is difficult. We make the road to recovery as easy as possible. One phone call matches you with experienced and caring counselors who have walked with thousands of others on this same path. One phone call.

Help you can afford

The help you need to overcome your drug or alcohol addiction is available right now. We can find you the treatment program that you need at a price you can afford. We work with all major insurance carriers to get you the help you need. We walk with you every step of the way.

Accessible Treatment

Aid in Recovery has access to the best treatment centers across the country. Let our experienced counselors match you to a treatment center that meets your needs and gets you on the road to full recovery as soon as possible.

We accept major insurance providers

Let our experienced counselors work with your insurance provider to get you the coverage and treatment you need right now.

Treatment and Recovery helps the entire family

Your decision to regain your life helps and heals your entire family. Do it for them. Do it for you. Start today.

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Call our 24-7 Help Line to get help now!

Here's what our Patients have to say

Jennifer Barron

2 years Clean

"Aid in Recovery knew exactly the program I needed. They walked me through every detail and made it so easy to take that first step."

Alex Stephens

6 years Clean

"Aid in Recovery helped me find the last treatment program I will ever need. I have my life back now. My family is happy. I am happy. Thank you, Aid in Recovery, for encouraging me to make that phone call. It changed my life."

You dont have to do this alone. We can help!

Call 1-866-997-3434 Call our 24-7 Help Line to get help now!